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I’m Janci Despain, a trained professional tutor with over 25 years of experience and a proven track record of successful clients.

Whether in-person (East Tampa) or via the Internet from anywhere in the world, I can increase your understanding and help you dramatically improve your grade.

“Janci has a wonderful talent to put things into a simple and easy to understand language, cutting out the unnecessary fillers in the text book and showing you what you really need to know.”

“Janci is all-around the BEST at what she does.”

“Janci is a rare find – smart, positive, sincere, reliable, and capable.”

“Going to lecture and reading the book didn’t help much, but with Janci I felt so confident, and actually learned something. She is a great tutor.”

“I strongly recommend Janci as a chemistry tutor. Her years of experience as a tutor give her a tremendous advantage. She is a great teacher. She helped me to quickly understand and remember concepts that were not always easy to grasp in the classroom, and she never wasted my time.”

“With Janci’s help, I breezed through chemistry. She teaches at your own pace, and explains a concept thoroughly before moving on to another section.”

“Janci is a caring and intelligent tutor that not only knows the material, but knows how to present it to the student in a way that facilitates learning . . . . She WILL help you improve your grade!”

I’d love to help you, too!

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2 thoughts on “home”

  1. I really appreciate how I am able to grasp on the material every quickly! Ochem feels a bit fun now! Thank you again!

  2. I love your videos, I am studying for my 3rd exam on Orgo II, I will check all reactions that I need to study once I get home, I am in my lunch brake and I only was able to check aldol reaction and retro synthesis and I do understand now thanksssss million

    Great videos

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