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Is Organic Chem The Bane of Your Existence?

You know those people – Chemistry Professors – who are just naturally good at Organic? It comes so easily for them, they can’t understand why YOU don’t get it. A few of them aren’t very nice about it, either.grignard

I am NOT one of “those people.”

When I was an undergrad, I struggled through Organic. But then in grad school, something clicked. I saw the patterns, and the connections between ideas, and I began to really understand (and love) Organic Chemistry. I can teach you to understand it, too.Sadly, I can’t make you fall in love with it. However, I will try.

I teach Organic Chem with an emphasis on both helping you understand the reaction mechanism fully, AND teaching you how to do a “quick and dirty” prediction of the product, so you’ll have both tools at the ready when you take your test.

I can also explain the stuff you forgot from Chem 1 and 2 – acids, bases, Lewis structures, hybrid orbitals, and molecular geometry.

I have 36+ semesters’ experience tutoring Organic Chemistry, and during that time I’ve not only mastered the concepts of Organic Chem; I’ve also seen the questions your professor is most likely to ask. Depending on your needs, I can teach a full lecture on any topic in your book, focusing on the rules and exceptions to every reaction. I can prepare you for the “trick” questions before your test, and give you practice problems that will prepare you to succeed…. I have a whole file cabinet full of practice problems and old tests.

If you have any question about my ability to help you, read some testimonials from former clients. Trust me, I can help. This is my calling.

3 thoughts on “Organic Chem”

  1. Your video on aldol retro synthesis was really cool and it’s amazing how you explain it simply.thank you :-)

  2. hey! i went through your video tutorials on enols, enolates, aldol, etc. it was so amazing how those videos has made me understand the concept, the patterns of how things work. thank you so much!

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