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Not local to East Tampa?

Currently, more than half my clients meet with me via Skype or Facetime from all over the United States. All you need is a good internet connection and a webcam.

What’s a typical internet tutoring session like?

Most clients are working from practice problems, old exams, online homework, or some other resource. They’ll typically find a way to send that to me in advance. They may scan and email, take a screen shot of online work, or take a photo with their smart phone and email it to me. I have dual screens, so I’m able to view their resources while I Skype.

I can answer your questions and teach all the concepts necessary to solve your problems, and show you similar problems to practice so you’ll be prepared for your exams. My Skype sessions are not simply “lectures,” but conversations in which we work together to solve problems and make sure you feel confident you can solve problems on your own.

I have no “minimum time” per session, so if you only have a few questions, and our session lasts only 20 minutes, you only pay for 20 minutes. Or if you want a three-hour session, that’s fine, too!

Does Skype work as well as an in-person session?

Actually, many clients prefer the convenience of working via the internet! I have had many successful distance-learning clients. If you click to my testimonials page, you’ll find reviews from some of them.

Here’s a screen shot of what you’ll see during a typical tutoring session: my webcam points right at my whiteboard.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.14.09 AM

How is payment arranged?

I accept payments for internet tutoring sessions via PayPal.

Any other questions? Contact me or comment below!

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